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Loss Calculation Software

Inputs & Outputs

  • Individual risks (Lat and Lon) or aggregated
  • Coverage, Location, Policy, RI Layers
  • Ground up, Gross, Net of Treaty etc. perspectives

​Understanding Uncertainty

  • Essential part of ELEMENTS
  • Included in Hazard, Location and Vulnerability (Damage) Components
  • Fast and flexible precalculated solution
  • Can be adjusted, tested, turned
    ON and OFF

Loss Calculation Software

Software Solution

  • Professionally programmed and maintained
  • Implemented in SQL and C#
  • Fast and flexible precalculated solution
  • Flexible and scalable distributed client-server framework

​Unity & Flexibility

  • Used for all existing and new Impact Forecasting models
  • Enables easy external/custom deployment of models
  • Enables integration of 3rd party model components or whole models
Customization and Transparency
  • Complete insight into the hazard and vulnerability components and how they are connected, resulting in a better understanding of the model outputs.
  • Parameter Adjustment tool to customise models by using insurers’ own claims data or by changing, for example, losses for particular building types or frequency of category 5 hurricanes.
  • Understanding uncertainties through visualisation and quantification: vital when communicating with reinsurers or regulators.
  • Create your own view of risk through transparency and a model validation process that helps insurers satisfy Solvency II requirements. 
  • Mapping to enable users to visualise the hazard, exposure and losses from our catastrophe models without the need for often laborious work creating maps manually.
  • Loss reporting against client portfolios as an event happens.